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Who We Are.

ClĂ­nica Denticor is a boutique dental clinic located in the heart of the Poblenou neighbourhood of Barcelona.

While the clinic has been operating for the last 5 years, there has been a recent change of ownership and a revamping of the clinic and its installations.

We have invested in new equipment ranging from our Cold Light Whitening system to our newly installed Panoramic X-ray system.

Panoramic X-Ray - Installed August 2020

Our Medical Director, Dr Noel Garibaldi Aleman, is a graduate of the University of Medical Science of Havana, Faculty of Stomatology. He is homologised with the Col·legi Oficial d’Odontòlegs i Estomatòlegs de Catalunya with the title of Doctor en Estomatologia.

With a focus on primary care and preventative medicine, Cuban trained dentists have excelled at keeping the need for more serious interventions to a minimum. This is the philosophy behind our Zero Caries Program.

The initial hygiene session will be carried out by Dr Aleman who will also be carrying out a thorough examination of the entire mouth and masticatory system (stoma and gnatos), meaning soft and hard tissues that comprise and limit such system.

On a side note, qualified Spanish hygienists are not at the level deemed to be acceptable in the UK, further training is required. Spain, on the other hand, accepts dental hygienist qualifications from most countries with no further training or examinations. With this in mind one has to be very selective when going to the hygienist and especially the less costly offers.

Chair - Installed October 2020
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While we will endeavour to reduce the need for surgical interventions, we are conscious of the fact that we will be too late in many cases. To that end, Dr Aleman has put together a team of specialists to undertake implants and bone grafts. For the more sensitive cases we offer sedation in the clinic.

On the aesthetic side we recognise the need, even with the best primary care, for tooth alignment. In some cases, orthodontic work may be required to correct a misaligned bite rather than simply for aesthetics. Either way, Dr Aleman has again put together a team of Orthodontists who will analyse and implement the most appropriate procedure for each case.